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Pokeboo Rain Boot in Khaki with Carry Bag
A product photo of the Khaki boots and carry case
Pokeboo Rain Boots - Khaki
Picture of a couple camping outdoors wearing their pokeboo boots
Picture of a guy carrying his pokeboo boots in the carry bag and making use of the carabiner to attache the carry bag and boots to his rucksack
Picture of a guy putting his pokeboo boots in their carry bag into his over the shoulder bag
Picture of a lady wearing her pokeboo boots to go fishing and she's stood in a lake so you can see how waterproof they are
Picture of the pokeboo boots laid on a camping chair with the carry bag next to them
A lady walking down the high street wearing her pokeboo boots but also her office clothes to show how convenient, practical and stylish the boots are and so good for urban trekking
A lady showing how the pokeboo boots can easily be kept in your office bag or handbag
A close up picture of the Royal Blue pokeboo boots in a rainy street setting
A product phot of the Khaki pokeboo boots and carry case
A product photo of the Khaki boots with the Good Design Award
Pokeboo Rain Boots - Khaki
Pokeboo Rain Boots - Khaki
Pokeboo Rain Boots - Khaki
Pokeboo Rain Boots - Khaki

Pokeboo Rain Boots - Khaki

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So Convenient You'll Want to Take them Everywhere!


< Size Guide >

* Top Tip! - Just in case you're not sure about which size to order as the boots are quite a close fitting to your feet and you may want to wear thicker socks. Please double check the sole size guide below for more help with the best sizing for you.


 UK Size EU Size Sole Size Boot Size ID
4 - 4.5 35.5 - 36.5 22.5 - 23.0cm SS
5 - 5.5 37 - 38 23.5 - 24.0cm S
6 - 6.5 38.5 - 39.5 24.5 - 25.0cm M
7 - 7.5 40 - 41 25.5 - 26.0cm L
8 - 8.5 41 - 41.5 26.5 - 27.0cm LL
9 - 9.5 43 - 44 27.5 - 28.0cm 3L
10 - 10.5 44.5 - 45.5 28.5 - 29.0cm 4L
 Pokeboo have been designed using natural rubber to ensure excellent water-resistance and an easily foldable construction. The form-fitting design keeps the boots snug all the way from your calves to the tips of your toes, for pleasant and comfortable walking. And, most impressive of all, the ultralight weight of both boots together is no greater than an average-sized bottled drink! 
The boots can be easily stowed inside the included carrying case, which features a handy carabiner for easy attachment to backpacks, etc. These boots are perfect for use in all kinds of outdoor settings, including camping, fishing trips, walking, gardening, golf, shopping and open-air festivals. They also provide a great backup in case of sudden rainstorms or other inclement weather, making these boots a stylish and reliable option for the urban trekker as well.
pokeboo boots contain natural rubber which some people maybe allergic to. 


[ Material ]

Body / Exterior: Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber

Interior: Nylon

Drawstring / Polypropylene, Nylon, Natural Rubber

Hood / Gaiter (Charcoal): Polyester, (Khaki) & (Royal Blue): Nylon

The boots are award-winning Japanese design and made in Thailand due to the availability of the natural rubber resources made to make the boots with.


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